Blavin Scholars

We encourage all Blavin scholars to get involved by participating in our outreach events, annual events, and more!

Blavin scholars are required to participate in at least one outreach event.

Outreach programs are a great way to share your thoughts and experiences and connect with other students who have experienced time in foster care. Outreach programs can be presentations, training sessions, campus tours, panel discussions, and more. We also plan programs for key partners, like counselors and teachers, who can help eligible students connect with our program. If you see an event that you would like to participate in or need help selecting an event, please contact the Blavin Scholars Program via

Attend a variety of social events that build community among Blavin scholars, mentors, and program staff.

*Fall Welcome (September): Our first gathering to get to know one another, set community expectations for the year, share program updates and involvement opportunities, and most importantly, have fun!

*Blavin Life Skills Conference (October): Scholars are offered the opportunity to build community, have fun, and gain academic and professional life skills like: how to buy a new or used car, self-defense tips, interview strategies, and business dinner etiquette.

*Pizza and Pucks (February): Connect with Paul and Amy Blavin, enjoy lunch, and watch a U-M hockey game.

Blavin Speed Match: Scholars are given the opportunity to meet prospective mentor matches.

Fall Tailgate: Connect with Paul and Amy Blavin, enjoy lunch, and cheer on the U-M football team.

Gratitude Dinner (November): Join us at the table for good company and food before the Thanksgiving break.

Hoops Day: Connect with Paul and Amy Blavin, enjoy lunch, and cheer on the U-M basketball team.

Fall / Winter Study Days (December / April): Whether you prefer a quiet space or wish to socialize with friends, Blavin scholars can drop in to study and prepare for upcoming final exams. Plus, we provide snacks!

Spring Dinner (May): Celebrate our graduating scholars, yearly accomplishments, and more.

Examples of additional events offered include: Detroit Tigers Game, Detroit Red Wings Game, canoeing on the Huron River, on-campus performance events.

* Blavin scholars are required to attend.


    “It was a moment I thought I wasn’t going to finish high school, I wasn’t going to make it, but I knew that I had to keep moving. I was determined to come to Michigan, so I did it.” — Blavin Scholar