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Blavin Program Support

The Blavin Scholarship and Program provides students who have experienced time in foster care with comprehensive support in navigating and maximizing their college experience as they pursue a bachelor’s degree at the University of Michigan. The Blavin Scholarship provides Blavin Scholars with financial support toward the cost of attendance and is complemented by scholars' participation in the Blavin Scholars Program that provides access to a supportive network and resources that build academic, professional, and life skills. 

Blavin Fall Tailgate

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the Blavin Scholarship and Program applicants must:

  • Have experienced time in foster care after 13th birthday and/or other out of home placement
  • Be a current student or accepted to the University of Michigan Ann Arbor as a first-time freshman, or transfer student
  • Be a Michigan resident (eligible for in-state tuition) or a non-Michigan resident
  • Demonstrate financial need 
  • Be seeking an undergraduate degree 

If you have questions about the eligibility requirements or will be eligible for the program in the future and want to learn more, contact Blavin Scholars Program Director for more information.

Application Process

The Blavin Scholars Program supports applicants who are eligible to participate in the program through the application and enrollment process. Our staff are happy to connect you with our Blavin Liaisons in Undergraduate Admissions and the Office of Financial Aid to answer your questions and provide an overview of the process. Contact the Program Director for the Blavin Scholars Program for more information.

Apply for Blavin Scholars Program

The Blavin Scholars Program accepts applications from individuals who are eligible to participate in the program on a rolling basis. 

Financial Aid Information

The Blavin Scholarship complements the existing financial aid package by awarding up to $5,000 per year toward the cost of attendance at U-M. The Blavin Scholarship can be used to cover remaining expenses related to the cost of attendance as allowed under financial aid policy and Blavin Scholars Program, such as study abroad experiences through U-M, health expenses incurred during the term, and additional needed educational supplies. The Blavin Scholarship makes it possible for many Blavin Scholars to earn an undergraduate degree with few or no student loans. 

Identifying Prospective Scholars

The Blavin Scholars Program is committed to increasing the awareness of all individuals about college-going opportunities for students who have experienced time in foster care. The Blavin Scholars Program Outreach and Recruitment Coordinator educates individuals about the resources and support available through the Blavin Scholars Program and seeks to identify and recruit prospective students who meet the eligibility to be Blavin Scholars and attend the University of Michigan. 

Outreach & Recruitment Events

Prospective students or supportive adults interested in learning more about the Blavin Scholars Program have an exciting opportunity to attend an Outreach and Recruitment Event with the Blavin Scholars Program Director, Miriam Connolly. Miriam and the Blavin Team organize a variety of presentations, trainings, and campus tours to share that the University of Michigan is one of the higher education options that offers comprehensive support during college to students who have experienced time in foster care.

What to Bring to Campus

Unsure what you will need during college? University Housing has prepared a What to Bring to Campus checklist of some things you may find helpful to have while on campus. The Blavin Scholars Program supports scholars with reviewing the checklist and identifying items that might still be needed. We reach out to Blavin Volunteers and other funding programs to support scholars with obtaining the essentials for college.

Blavin Scholar Welcome Basket

Academic Preparation

Undergraduate Admissions offers helpful information to prospective students as they prepare to apply to U-M.  The Preparing Yourself for College, a year-by-year planning guide, highlights activities that prospective students might do on throughout high school to prepare to apply to U-M and support their future transition to college life. The Undergraduate Admissions website also provides an overview of suggested College Preparation Courses applicants can take if offered at their high school to demonstrate their commitment to academics and support the future transition to college courses.

Blavin Scholars as Transfer Students

In this video from the School of Literature, Science, and Arts, Blavin Scholar Personna Hover (B.A. '13) reflects on her experience coming to the University of Michigan as a transfer student. She shares what she did to go the extra mile to make her dreams come true, including asking for help and support, and what it means now to be at U-M!

Blavin Scholar Graduate with Amy Blavin

Fostering Success Michigan

It's never too early to start planning for further education.  As a high school or transfer student, there are a number of resources available to help you prepare for college!  Learn more about programs on college campuses around the state, such as the Blavin Scholars Program, and access resources to help you succeed! 

Additional Resources

There are a variety of resources available locally, statewide, and nationwide to support students who have experienced time in foster care.  

Blavin Scholars at Event