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Meet Paul and Amy

The Blavins’ interest in supporting students who have experienced time in foster care began when Paul read the book by Dave Pelzer, “A Child Called ‘It’,” a chronicle of a child who experienced abuse. After learning more about the outcomes of youth who have experienced time in foster care, the Blavins committed themselves to supporting the postsecondary education of these students.

Paul and Amy Blavin

In Their Own Words

“You have two donors who are very active, who are very personal. They actually meet us. We don’t just have a name behind the scholarship.”

Commitment to Making a Difference

Paul and Amy Blavin have established Blavin Scholars Programs at the University of Michigan and Northern Arizona University. To learn more about Paul and Amy’s commitment to supporting students who have experienced foster care as they pursue higher education and success upon graduation go to

Paul Blavin