Blavin Scholars

Blavin Scholars at Challenge Course 2016
The Blavin Scholarship provides Blavin Scholars with financial support toward the cost of attendance and is complimented by scholars' participation in the Blavin Scholars Program that provides access to a supportive network and resources to build...
Blavin Canoe Trip
The Blavin Scholars Program hosts a variety of community building events and educational workshops for Blavin Scholars. Blavin Events and Workshops are implemented with feedback and suggestions from Blavin Scholars.
Supportive adults
The Blavin Scholars Program creates a network of a number of supportive adults on-campus that assist Blavin Scholars as they navigate and maximize their time at the University of Michigan. Blavin Scholars will have regular contact with the following...
Office of Financial Aid
There are also other financial support programs in the state of Michigan for students who have experienced foster care that Blavin Scholars may qualify for.  
Campus Photo
A key component of the Blavin Scholars Program is the coaching approach to partnering with Blavin Scholars throughout their time at the University of Michigan. The Blavin Scholars Program applies the Fostering Success Coaching Model that prioritizes...
Scholars at a party
Having a mentor on campus is a great way for Blavin Scholars to connect with a supportive adult around a common interest, learn more about how to navigate campus and available resources, and build their support network. Many Blavin Scholars have...
University of Michigan Campus
Blavin Liaisons are staff members who serve as designated contacts within campus departments that Blavin Scholars are likely to interact with during their time at the University of Michigan. Blavin Liaisons are familiar with the Blavin Scholars Program...
Students sitting at a dining table
The Blavin Scholars Program highly values the involvement of Blavin Scholars in all aspects of the program decisions, management, and implementation.