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The Blavin Scholarship and Program provides students who have experienced time in foster care with comprehensive support in navigating and maximizing their college experience as they pursue a bachelor’s degree at the University of Michigan.

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Program Support

The Blavin Scholarship provides Blavin Scholars with financial support toward the cost of attendance and is complemented by scholars' participation in the Blavin Scholars Program that provides access to a supportive network and resources that build academic, professional, and life skills. The Blavin Scholars Program maintains a present and future focused approach and provides tailored support to meet the needs of each scholar.

Blavin Campus Coach with Blavin Scholar


The Blavin Scholars Program applies the Fostering Success Coaching Model that prioritizes partnering with Blavin Scholars to support them in navigating and maximizing their college experience and transition to post-graduate endeavors. Each Blavin Scholar is assigned a Campus Coach who is a Blavin Program Staff member that will serve as the scholar's primary point of contact in the program and will offer support and resources throughout their experience at U-M. Our Campus Coaches go through the Fostering Success Coach Training with the the Center for Fostering Success at Western Michigan University that is designed for professionals who are partnering with students who have experienced foster care.  


Overcoming obstacles and achieving dreams, the Blavin Scholars Program has a 95% retention and graduation rate and has graduated 47 scholars. The Blavin Scholars Program has supported a total 88 students since Fall 2009 and this year the program is celebrating an enrollment of 42 Blavin Scholars! 

Our Space

The Blavin Program Office is very student-centered and provides a community building and lounge area for Blavin Scholars, a kitchen nook that contains snacks for Blavin Scholars, individual staff offices that allow for scholars to meet with their Campus Coach in a private space, and a meeting space with a whiteboard for the Blavin Program Staff and Blavin Scholars to do group work.

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