Blavin Scholars

There are numerous ways to lend your support to the Blavin Scholars Program. Through service and donations, University of Michigan and Ann Arbor community members can offer time, talent, or provide essential items to Blavin Scholars.  

"The main challenges that I ran into before I could even come to school as a transitioning foster youth was paying for just small things like bedding and the moving in necessities. I was fortunate to immediately have support from the Blavin Scholars Program and Volunteers." - Blavin Scholar

Some examples of ways to get involved include, but are not limited to:



Sharing career or life expertise at a life skills workshop

Donating meals for program workshops or events

Providing moving assistance to a Blavin Scholar in the Ann Arbor area

Donating gift cards, dry goods, snacks, or beverages to the Blavin Scholars food pantry

Assisting Blavin Scholars with driving practice hours to obtain their license

Assisting Blavin Scholars with obtaining business attire for job interviews

Providing tax preparation and financial planning assistance to Blavin Scholars

Providing a card and gift to a Blavin Scholar on their birthday

Connecting Blavin Scholars to career or internship opportunities

Donating items for welcome baskets for incoming and current Blavin Scholars

Providing academic tutoring

Donating general health and wellness items for get well kits

Providing medical and dental services

Donating basic school supplies and snacks for finals care packages

Complete the Volunteer Interest Form

To help the Blavin Scholars Program continue making a difference in the lives of University of Michigan students who have experienced time in foster care, please consider making a gift.