Blavin Scholars

The Blavin Scholars are featured in a number of videos sharing about their experience at the University of Michigan. These videos provide a great opportunity for you to hear directly from the Blavin Scholars about their pathway to and through U-M and their experience with the Blavin Scholars Program. Listed below are links that will direct you to the various videos the scholars are featured in.

Overcoming Obstacles, Achieving Dreams
In this video the Blavin Scholar Graduates, Class of 2014, share their personal journeys that led them to the Blavin Scholars Program, through graduation from U-M, and on to post-graduate endeavors. 

In Their Own Words
In this video Blavin Scholar Graduates, Class of 2013, share their thoughts on how the support they have found in the Blavin Scholars Program and their interactions with Paul and Amy Blavin have shaped their experience at U-M.

Blavin Scholars as Transfer Students
In this video a Blavin Scholar reflects on her experience coming to the University of Michigan as a transfer student. She shares what she did to go the extra mile to make her dreams come true, including asking for help and support, and what it means now to be at U-M!

Give to Blavin Scholars
In this video a Blavin Scholar Graduate reflects on his experience at U-M and just how much of an impact the Blavin Scholars Program and generous support from donors had on his success.  My world needs victors. Be a victor for Michigan.

Blavin Scholar's Success Highlighted on Detroit News
In this video Blavin Scholar Graduate, Malaysha White shares her inspiring story of overcoming of transitioning from foster care to college and how the support she received helped to make it possible.

Family Privilege
In this video meet some of the Blavin Scholars and learn about the challenges they have experienced in achieving success in higher education and how the Blavin Scholars Program is removing barriers and offering support.