Blavin Scholars

Blavin Scholars at Challenge Course 2016

The Blavin Scholarship provides Blavin Scholars with financial support toward the cost of attendance and is complimented by scholars' participation in the Blavin Scholars Program that provides access to a supportive network and resources to build academic, professional, and life skills. There is a Blavin Scholarship Agreement that outlines the mutual responsibilities between the Blavin Scholars Program and Blavin Scholars to actively participate in the program to maintain eligibility for the Blavin Scholarship. The Blavin Scholarship Agreement was created from data and feedback gathered from Blavin Scholars and Blavin Program Staff and best practices established by campus support programs across the nation.

Blavin Scholar Responsibilities

By accepting the Blavin Scholarship and signing the Blavin Scholarship Agreement, Blavin Scholars assume responsibility for actively participating in the Blavin Scholars Program and taking the steps necessary to utilize program support and resources to promote their success. In addition to the guidelines and expectations that apply to U-M students, Blavin Scholars agree to adhere to the agreement to remain eligible for the Blavin Scholarship. Student responsibilities include the following:

  • Participate actively in the Blavin Scholars Program
    • Meet regularly (minimum once a month) with a Campus Coach
    • Meet regular (minimum once a month) with Blavin Mentor
    • Attend Blavin Scholars Program Annual Events
    • Attend annual  life skills workshops each academic year
    • Participate in a minimum of 1 Blavin Scholars Program Outreach and Recruitment Events each academic year
    • Participate in a minimum of 1 Blavin Scholar Community Service Event each academic year
    • Provide feedback to Blavin Program Staff that may be used to shape the program to better meet student needs
    • Check my U-M email account regularly and respond within 48 hours
  • Place academics at the center of my college experience during my time at U-M
    • Maintain a minimum of 12 credits (full-time student status) during Fall and Winter terms
    • Regularly attend all classes in which I am registered
    • Adhere to the standard for Satisfactory Academic Progress as defined by U-M
    • Refrain from employment and limit other extracurricular activities if I am struggling to maintain a good academic standing
  • Complete the FAFSA, monitor my U-M account, and pay any remaining balances at the end of each term
  • Allow Blavin Program Staff, in partnership with me to share information with U-M faculty and staff who support my success
  • Allow Blavin Program Staff, in partnership with me, to review and discuss my financial aid package and grades each term

Blavin Scholars Program Responsibilities

The Blavin Scholarship provides students who have experienced time in foster care with support in navigating and maximizing their college experience as they pursue a bachelor's degree at U-M. The Blavin Scholars Program will provide Blavin Scholars access to the following:

  • The Blavin Scholarship - up to $5,000 per year toward the cost of attendance 
  • Guidance from admission through graduation
  • One-on-one support from a Blavin Scholar Campus Coach
  • Access to campus departments and resources through Blavin Liaisons
  • Educational programming for academics, professional, and life skills
  • Community building and social events
  • Options for year-round housing accommodations including holidays and breaks
  • 24/7 support through the on-call Blavin Program Staff
  • A U-M faculty or staff Blavin Mentor