Blavin Scholars

The Blavin Scholars Program applies the Fostering Success Coaching Model that prioritizes partnering with Blavin Scholars to support them in navigating and maximizing their college experience and transition to post-graduate endeavors. Each Blavin Scholar is assigned a Campus Coach who is a Blavin Program Staff member that will serve as the scholar's primary point of contact in the program and will offer support and resources throughout their experience at U-M. Our Campus Coaches go through the Fostering Success Coach Training with the the Center for Fostering Success at Western Michigan University that is designed for professionals who are partnering with students who have experienced foster care.  

The Blavin Scholars Program acknowledges that each Blavin Scholar has a distinct experience to and through foster care and the University of Michigan. At the Blavin Scholars Program we understand the foster care experience as one part of a scholar's many life experiences and we maintain a present and future focus as we support Blavin Scholars in acheiving success at U-M and preparing for post-graduate endeavors.

Campus Coaching is comprised of:

  • A holistic approach that uses the 7 Life Domains (adapted from Casey Family Programs, 2006) to view Education & Academics at the center of the Blavin Scholar's U-M experience. Using this holistic approach we acknowledge the impact the other life domains: Career Development, Financial Awareness, Physical & Mental Health, U-M Community Experience, Personal Identify Formation, and Life Skills Preparation have on Education & Academics and strive to promote skill development in each life domain.
  • Regular coaching interactions between the Blavin Scholar and their assigned Campus Coach during which knowledge is given, awareness is shared, and skills are built.
  • A partnered relationship between the Blavin Scholar and Campus Coach, in which the scholar is seen as the expert of their needs and experiences and the coach has supportive resources and information to offer.
  • Blavin Scholars setting the agenda and bringing questions or concerns to their Campus Coach.
  • Developing interdependence between Blavin Scholars and resources in their support network that can offer guidance and support during their time at U-M and beyond.
  • Maintaining a present and future focus in coaching interactions between the Blavin Scholar and Campus Coach.
  • Developing academic, professional, and life skills to support current and future success.
  • Assisting in securing basic needs and resources to be successful in college.
  • Monitoring academic and personal progress at U-M.