Blavin Scholars

The Blavin Scholars Program is committed to increasing the awareness of all individuals about college-going opportunities for students who have experienced time in foster care. The Blavin Scholars Program Outreach and Recruitment Coordinator educates individuals about the resources and support available through the Blavin Scholars Program and seeks to identify and recruit prospective students who meet the eligibility to be Blavin Scholars and attend the University of Michigan. This goal is accomplished through conducting a variety of outreach and recruitment events for students who have experienced time in foster care and other key partners who support their success, such as K-12 counselors and teachers, caseworkers, foster parents, community agencies, and care providers. Through presentations, trainings, and campus tours we share the Blavin Scholars Program at U-M is one of the higher education options that offers comprehensive support during college to students who have experienced foster care.

Prospective Blavin Scholars are identified in one or more of the following ways:

Prospective students who are eligible for the Blavin Scholars Program are encouraged to contact Miriam Connolly, program director, to learn more about the Blavin Scholars Program!