Blavin Scholars

The Blavin Scholarship and Program would not be possible without the generous contributions of our partners who support the Blavin Scholarship Program in providing scholarship assistance and the essential programmatic support that Blavin Scholars need. We know that students who have experienced time in foster care require so much more than just scholarship assistance to make it at Michigan. Many Blavin Scholars arrive on campus lacking the family support that most undergraduates enjoy and the Blavin Scholars Program provides guidance and community for these students to thrive. Through the financial, emotional, and academic support provided by the Blavin Scholars Program, our students maintain over a 90% graduation rate from Michigan, pursuing their dreams of higher education and a better life.

"My biggest worrry in high school, I used to think about it all the time, money, money, like how was I going to pay for this, how was I supposed to pay for food.  But now because of donors and because of the scholarship that I've received, that's not my worry, my biggest worry is my Orgo exam next Tuesday and that's what a student should have to worry about.  This is my World.  My world needs victors. Be a victor for Michigan." - Toree Baldwin, Blavin Scholar

Our goal is to annually support 100 Blavin Scholars at the University of Michigan, including covering the scholarship support and programmatic costs that allow this community of exceptional students to thrive. With your support, you can help us reach this milestone, enabling the university to provide youth who have experienced foster care with essential assistance to find success at Michigan and beyond.

To help the Blavin Scholars Program continue making a difference in the lives of University of Michigan students who have experienced time in foster care, please consider making a gift.