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The University of Michigan has made a commitment to meeting the demonstrated financial need of Michigan resident undergraduates. Financial need is demonstrated through students' completion of the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Students who experienced foster care after their 13th birthday qualify as independent students on the FAFSA per their response to Question 53 which asks if the student experienced foster care after the age of 13. Need-based scholarships and grants, loans, and work-study funds are awarded to eligible in-state students whose cost of attendance exceeds their financial resources. Most Blavin Scholars receive a need-based financial aid package comprised of a combination of grants, scholarships, and work-study that provides for their tuition, fees, books, supplies, housing, and meals.  To learn more about the various financial aid types that Blavin Scholars are eligible or checkout the How Aid Is Awarded page on the U-M Office of Financial Aid (OFA) website.

Blavin Scholarship

The Blavin Scholarship complements the existing financial aid package by awarding up to $5,000 per year toward the cost of attendance at U-M. The Blavin Scholarship can be used to cover remaining expenses related to the cost of attendance as allowed under financial aid policy and Blavin Scholars Program, such as study abroad experiences through U-M, health expenses incurred during the term, and additional needed educational supplies. The Blavin Scholarship makes it possible for many Blavin Scholars to earn an undergraduate degree with few or no student loans. We have assigned liaisons within the Office of Financial Aid that work closely with prospective and current Blavin Scholars to address questions and concerns related to financial aid and paying for college.

Other Important Information:

Full-time enrollment: Aid awards are based on full-time enrollment (12 credit hours for undergraduates and 6 for graduate students.) Not-for-credit courses are not eligible for financial aid. To continue as a Blavin Scholar, you must be enrolled full-time at U-M.

To renew your Blavin Scholarship, apply for aid for the next academic year (Fall and Winter terms): Submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid ( no later than April 30. The FAFSA is available on Jan. 1 each year (if you complete the FAFSA after tax returns are filed, you may use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool to populate your FAFSA using IRS information). Visit for details about applying for aid. We must receive your FAFSA from the federal processor by April 30 in order to consider you for all aid programs (allow three to four weeks for processing). Check Wolverine Access to see if you need to submit additional application documents; those are due within 30 days or no later than June 1. Award notification for continuing students begins in mid-June and students receive their fall bills and financial aid in August or September, depending upon the year.

To apply for aid for Spring and/or Summer terms: Complete a Spring/Summer Request for Funds (RFF), available online each February. The financial aid application deadline is in early to mid- March.

Appealing your financial aid award: Some students have unique circumstances affecting their ability to pay for college. You may request a re-evaluation of your financial aid or an appeal of a financial aid policy or decision. OFA's ability to provide additional assistance depends on the three “Ws” listed below.  Your Campus Coach and OFA staff will help you determined if you can request additional funding.

  • When you contact us
  • Whether (and when) you can provide documentation of your circumstances
  • Whether funds are available

We consider: rent, food, utilities, books and supplies, therapy costs, health insurance, out-of-pocket medical/dental costs, and child care.

We don’t consider: car repairs, car insurance, or money used to pay credit cards or other debt.

Do you have a financial aid question?

There are several ways to reach the OFA Staff:

Visit: OFA is located at 2500 Student Activities Building, on the second floor and are available for walk-in visits Monday through Friday.

Email: We have a special email especially for Blavin Scholars. Knowledgeable staff members monitor this account so that we can respond promptly to your questions and concerns.

Email us at

Call: Kendall Flowers, Melissa Pickrell, Vickie Crupper and other knowledgeable financial aid officers are available Monday- Friday during normal business hours at 734-763-6600.

Online: Visit the OFA website for a variety of information about financial aid. 

Other Resources

There are also other financial support programs in the state of Michigan for students who have experienced foster care that Blavin Scholars may qualify for.  For more information about additional financial support programs and helpful tips for applying for financial aid, check out the Fostering Success Michigan Getting to Know...Financial Aid guide and visit the Additional Resources page.