Blavin Scholars

"Most undergraduates arrive at university with an intact familial support network, but if you grew up in foster care you may find yourself facing the complex and sometimes overwhelming challenges of higher education by yourself." -Jenn White, Host of Out of the Blue

One challenge many students who have experienced time in foster care face as they navigate higher education is having limited family support within a structure that anticipates most students have a certain level of support available from their network. Many universities maintain a systematic assumption that students have a family structure that will provide some level of resources whether that be social emotional support, college-going knowledge, or assistance meeting basic essential needs. John Seita (2001) coined the term family privilege to describe the often-unnoticed benefits that stem from being a member of a stable family.  In this episode of Out of the Blue, meet some of the Blavin Scholars and learn about the challenges they have experienced in achieving success in higher education and how the Blavin Scholars Program is removing barriers and offering support.

"Growing up in the foster care system is sort of like growing up alone. There is always a strong element of support missing." - Blavin Scholar