Blavin Scholars

A key component of the Blavin Scholars Program is the coaching approach to partnering with Blavin Scholars throughout their time at U-M. The Blavin Scholars Program applies the Fostering Success Coaching Model that prioritizes partnering with Blavin Scholars to support them in navigating and maximizing their college experience and transition to post-graduate endeavors. Each Blavin Scholar is assigned a Campus Coach who is a Blavin Program Staff member that will serve as the scholar's primary point of contact in the program and will offer holistic support and resources throughout their experience at U-M. Our Campus Coaches go through the Fostering Success Coach Training with the the Center for Fostering Success at Western Michigan University that is designed for professionals who are partnering with students who have experienced foster care.  

The Blavin Scholars Program acknowledges that each Blavin Scholar has a distinct experience to and through foster care and the University of Michigan. At the Blavin Scholars Program, we understand the foster care experience as one part of a scholar's many life experiences and we maintain a present and future focus as we support Blavin Scholars in achieving success at U-M and preparing for post-graduate endeavors.

Here's what Blavin Scholars have to say about the coaching approach:

"It's knowing that I have people I can call if I have an emergency, if I'm not familiar with be able to talk to one person and you know they will do whatever it takes to find something to help you."

"I feel so lucky to have the guidance, to have people encouraging me along the way."

"Before I came to Michigan I was alone, I was scared, I was on the journey by myself.  Campus coaching is support, it's being there, it's knowing that you have that one person you can go to."

Blavin Scholars meet a minimum of once a month with their Campus Coach and are encouraged to maintain frequent contact, as needed, with their Campus Coach. 

Read about our Philosophy to learn more about the coaching approach.