Blavin Scholars

Supportive adults

The Blavin Scholars Program creates a network of a number of supportive adults on-campus that assist Blavin Scholars as they navigate and maximize their time at the University of Michigan. Blavin Scholars will have regular contact with the following supportive adults that coordinate the Blavin Scholars Program: Campus Coaches, Liaisons, and Mentors. The table below breaks down the role and purpose of each of these supportive adults.


Campus Coaches



Tackles specific concerns and needs in all life domains

Tackles specific concerns and needs in focus area

Offers general support and encouragement

Agenda set together

Agenda set together with Blavin Scholar and Staff

No set agenda

Task- and relationship-oriented

Task-oriented w/ some relationship building


Focus on achieving goals and academic progress

Focus on helping student meet needs in focus area

Focus on connecting with scholar

Provides knowledge, awareness and teaches skills in all life domains

Provides knowledge, awareness, and teaches skills in focus area

Supports overall development

Provide access to program resources and build network

Provide access to resources in focus area and build network

Helps scholar build support network and social capital

Job position with expectation to provide 24/7 support

Job position with boundaries

Voluntary commitment with boundaries