Blavin Scholars

The Blavin Speed Match Event is an annual event that brings together Blavin Scholars who are seeking a mentor with prospective Blavin Mentors. During the event, Scholars and prospective mentors will have one-on-one interactions that facilitate conversation and introductions between prospective mentor matches. Throughout the event the Blavin Scholars and Blavin Mentors get to explore possible mentor matches and identify if there seems to be a positive fit where mutual needs and interests are met.

After the event, Blavin Scholars and Blavin Mentors provide private feedback to the Blavin Program Staff  indicating who they would like to be matched with.  The Program Coordinator will use this information to create mentor matches.

The next Blavin Speed Mentor Match Event will take place in September.  More details coming soon!

"Before this event, I didn't know there were this many faculty and staff on campus interested in supporting Blavin Scholars!" -Blavin Scholar

"The Blavin Speed Mentor Match was a great opportunity to get to know all the Blavin Scholars.  I now hope to be a resource to more than one!" - Blavin Mentor