Blavin Scholars

Blavin Scholar Graduate with Amy Blavin

In this video from the School of Literature, Science, and Arts, Blavin Scholar Personna Hover (B.A. '13) reflects on her experience coming to the University of Michigan as a transfer student. She shares what she did to go the extra mile to make her dreams come true, including asking for help and support, and what it means now to be at U-M!

"I didn't know I wanted to go to U-M coming out of high school...I wanted to be better and saw a school that I felt like could make me better and I applied.  Before I came to U-M I thought I can't get into U-M, I can't get a scholarship, it's so expensive. You can think of all the reasons why you shouldn't come here or why you can't get here but you'll never know until you try! Being here I'm surrounded by people who have big dreams...I find that the drive to do more and to do the best is here.

The Blavin Scholars Program offers to support for students who have experienced time in foster care and are interested in applying to U-M and the Blavin Scholars Program!