Blavin Scholars

Blavin Scholar and nursing student, Christina Lindsey says she’s willing to share her journey in becoming the first person in her family to earn a college degree with the hope of inspiring future students who may be facing obstacles.

Michigan support

While on steady ground now, Lindsey does admit that nursing school, which is known as one of the most rigorous programs at U-M, has had difficult moments.

 “Learning how to study was different than what I had to do in high school, the long classes and juggling everything was really overwhelming at first,” she said.

Lindsey found support through U-M’s Blavin Scholars program which helps students who have spent time in foster care or, as in Lindsey’s case, don’t have a traditional support system.

“They provide a mentor, a campus coach and you meet other people,” she said. “They help you figure out things like financial aid and housing. I have a lot of people to count on now.”

Lindsey says her U-M education also brought unexpected opportunities, including her first international trip ever for a clinical immersion in Thailand through a UMSN community health nursing course.

“It was an opportunity to learn about health in Thailand, how they live and getting to know their culture,” she said. “You learn a lot from different perspectives outside of the United States and you learn new ways of doing things. It also made me appreciative of little things that we have.”  Read the full article.


“You have to have faith and honestly believe you can do it,” she said. “Never say you can’t. My biggest thing is self-motivation. I couldn’t be here if I didn’t want this for myself. You have to want it for yourself.”