Blavin Scholars

In this video, Blavin Scholar Graduate Personna Hover addresses the Blavin Scholars in her 2013 Graduation Speech. Personna reflects on the challenges she faced while navigating college, the support offered by the Blavin Scholars Program to get through it all, and what it means to have reached the milestone of graduation from the University of Michigan.  Congratulations Personna and the 2013 Blavin Graduates!

“As I reflect on the last four years I cannot recount the number of times I told myself I could not do it - I wasn’t smart enough, I wasn’t meant to be here. I remember thinking that I was just different. But I can recall the number of times that Rachel my coach, Emily my mentor, other Blavin Scholars, and Paul and Amy, have told me I can. You are more than smart enough, you don’t just belong here, you deserve to be here!”