Blavin Scholars

Each year there are a variety of social events offered to build community among Blavin Scholars and Blavin Mentors.  As a Blavin mentor, you will attend the following events with your Blavin Scholar:

Fall Tailgate: The Fall Tailgate is an opportunity for the Blavin Scholars to gather with the Blavin Mentors, Blavin Program Staff, and Paul and Amy Blavin before a U-M football game to get to know one another, enjoy lunch, and prepare to cheer at the game. Go Blue!

Gratitude Dinner: The Gratitude Dinner is an opportunity for Blavin Scholars to gather with the Blavin Mentors and Blavin Program Staff to enjoy a delicious meal. We understand that some Blavin Scholars may have plans for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday recess and others may not so we take this time to enjoy one another's company and connect before the holiday break.

Hoops Day: The Blavin Hoops Day provides an opportunity for Blavin Scholars, Blavin Mentors, Blavin Program Staff, and Paul and Amy Blavin to gather to enjoy lunch together and attend a U-M basketball game.

Spring Dinner: The Blavin Spring Dinner is a time when the Blavin Scholars Program community gathers to recognize the accomplishments of the Blavin Scholars throughout the year and celebrate the graduating Blavin Scholars and all that they have achieved.

In addition to the traditional annual events listed above, there will be several other community building events offered throughout the year.  Past events have included Blavin Scholars and Blavin Mentors went to a Detroit Tigers Game, a Detroit Red Wings Game, canoeing on the Huron River, and attended performance events on campus.