Blavin Scholars

Each Blavin Scholar has a unique pathway to and through the University of Michigan. While all Blavin Scholars have experienced some time in foster care, we find it important to acknowledge that each scholar’s experience with foster care is highly personal, unique, and even private. At the Blavin Scholars Program we maintain a present and future focus in supporting Blavin Scholars in navigating and maximizing their experience at U-M. We understand the foster care experience as one part of scholars’ many life experiences and we target support in achieving success at U-M and preparing for post-graduate endeavors. Our program aligns with a coaching model that values partnering with Blavin Scholars and seeing them as the experts of their experiences and needs. This philosophy provides students the opportunity to set the agenda and shape their experience in the program and the larger University.

"They are very resilient, that's the word that always comes to mind when I think about them. They are very resilient in that they overcame many many barriers but they have never stopped, they continue to move forward...they are so ambitious and so driven, they inspire me all the time!" - Rachel Naasko, Director of the Blavin Scholars Program

Like all students, Blavin Scholars have the opportunity to personalize their time at U-M and explore various opportunities. The Blavin Scholars Program is committed to supporting students in achieving their dreams.  In addition, to persisting and graduating at a rate well above the national average, the Blavin Scholars are achieving success during their time at U-M and beyond! Blavin Scholars have:

  • Made the Dean's List and achieved high academic honors
  • Engaged in academic research and department projects, including a Fulbright Scholar!
  • Held internship positions and gained valuable career experience
  • Studied abroad in countries including: Germany, Spain, Thailand, and Japan
  • Served as student staff members across campus
  • Participated in club, intramural, and varsity athletics
  • Held leadership positions in student and community organizations
  • Spoken at conferences across the nation and advocated for youth in foster care
  • Attended graduate and professional schools
  • Obtained gainful employment in their chosen field