Blavin Scholars

The Blavin Scholarship and Program provides students who have experienced time in foster care with comprehensive support in navigating and maximizing their college experience as they pursue a bachelor’s degree at the University of Michigan. Overcoming obstacles and achieving dreams, the Blavin Scholars Program has over a 95% retention and graduation rate and has graduated 58 scholars. The Blavin Scholars Program has supported a total of 107 students since Fall 2009 and this year the program is celebrating an enrollment of 51 Blavin Scholars! 


The Blavin Scholars Program is committed to the following mission:

  • Supporting Blavin Scholars in navigating and maximizing their experience at U-M
  • Developing a supportive network among Blavin Scholars and the larger campus 
  • Educating Blavin Scholars and the community to enhance their academic, professional and life skills
  • Creating purposeful transitions for Blavin Scholars that lead to success in college and career
  • Increasing college access, retention, and graduation among students who experienced foster care 


Campus Coach & Volunteer Program Coordinator
Photo of Robin wearing yellow Blavin shirt.