Blavin Scholars

Our Mission

The Blavin Scholars program is committed to the following mission:

  • Supporting Blavin scholars in navigating and maximizing their experience at U-M
  • Developing a supportive network among Blavin scholars and the larger campus
  • Educating Blavin scholars and the community to enhance their academic, professional, and life skills
  • Creating purposeful transitions for Blavin scholars that lead to success in college and career
  • Increasing college access, retention, and graduation among students who experienced foster care

Paul and Amy Blavin

In 2006, Paul (BBA ’86) and Amy Blavin endowed a University of Michigan scholarship to support U-M students who have experienced time in foster care in the state of Michigan. The Blavins’ interest in supporting students who have experienced time in foster care began when Paul read the book by Dave Pelzer, A Child Called ‘It,’ a chronicle of a child who experienced abuse. After learning more about the outcomes of youth who have experienced time in foster care, the Blavins committed themselves to supporting the postsecondary education of these students.

Paul Blavin is the retired CEO and co-founder of Blavin & Company​​—an international investment firm—and is also a former board member and supporter of The Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation. Paul credits the University of Michigan for changing his life as a student, and he and Amy are dedicated to offering the same opportunity to University of Michigan students who may not have the financial resources to reach their dreams, but who have the drive and ambition to do so, regardless of the hurdles they face.

“We are supporting them to pursue their dream of a post-secondary education and a better life.” - Paul Blavin

As a result of their efforts, the Blavins have directly impacted the lives of the Blavin scholars—offering them opportunities and support for a successful academic career at the University of Michigan and beyond. Paul and Amy Blavin are active in the Blavin Scholars program, visiting campus and interacting with the scholars several times a year.

“They need to know that we are going to be there for them, that no matter what we have their back.” - Amy Blavin

Paul is also on the Board of Directors of Helping Young People Excel (HYPE LA), and the Anti-Recidivism Coalition.

Whether it be their annual visit for a fall football game or the Blavin Scholars graduation celebration, the Blavin Scholars program can always count on Paul and Amy Blavin to join the festivities and support the Blavin scholars!

"I feel so lucky to have the guidance, to have people encouraging me along the way." — Blavin Scholar




Campus Coach and Mentor Coordinator
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